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The Mighty Duck

Getting to know Ryan James

We sat down with one of our Delivery Consultants Ryan James to talk all things Ryan.

*Contains spoilers*

Ryan: Sorry I’m late, I just had to grab a coffee.

Synchro:  No worries, did you lose your wallet?

Ryan:  I thought I might need this to get through this.

Synchro: Well that’s hurtful, but it’s 9:30 in the morning so I’ll let you off. Let’s jump straight in do you think the Mighty Ducks deserved to win the championship or were the Hawks robbed?

Ryan:  Oh they definitely deserved to win, with a coach like Gordon Bombay and players like Conway and the mid-season signing of Banks you have to say the right team won.

Synchro: Do you not think a Coach Carter style storyline where they get all the way to the Championship game but lose to the favorites holds a bit more realism?

Ryan:  Arguably but if they hadn’t won it’s unlikely that they would have been selected to represent the USA in the second one.

Synchro:  Your right you’ve got to think about the bigger picture. So, would you say Gordon Bombay is a better coach than Ken Carter?

Ryan:  No, absolutely not.

Synchro:  But Bombay won with his bunch of rag tag underdogs.

Ryan:  Yeah that’s true but Coach Carter went there to coach boys, and they became men.

Synchro:  A valid point well made. Your really into your Ice Hockey, an adaption of the more traditional regular hockey but are there any other sports that you think could be improved by playing them on ice?

Ryan:  That is a great question, can I come back to that one? My instinct is to say Beach Volleyball, but I feel like that would be quite painful.

Synchro: Is your instinct quite often to go for Beach Volleyball? They would definitely need to wear more padding.

Ryan:  Maybe not ice volleyball, maybe snow volleyball, would be a bit softer on the landings.

Synchro: That wasn’t the question but OK. I feel like there are a lot of Olympic events that could be interesting on ice, like the track and field events.

Ryan: Isn’t that just the Winter Olympics?

Synchro:  Technically yes, but I was thinking like ice long jump landing in a snow pit instead of a sand pit.

Ryan: That does sound like it would be good, I reckon you could get some real distance, but I’m going to change my answer to Ice Golf.

Synchro:  Bit of a curveball but fair enough, although there’d be minimal friction on the ball it would go miles, maybe ice crazy golf?

Ryan:  It’d be a bit like curling wouldn’t it.

Synchro:  I guess so. Who would make your fantasy Ice Hockey team, you can have anyone dead or alive, fictional or not and they don’t necessarily need to be able to skate. We will go with 5 outfield players and not worry about the goalie.

Ryan: I mean, I would just fill it with NHL players so you’re probably not going to have heard of some of these.

Synchro: You never know someone reading this might have heard of them.

Ryan:  First up Wayne Gretzky

Synchro:  I mean, I know who Wayne Gretzky is.

Ryan:  And then Conor McDavid and Alexander Ovechkin.

Synchro:  And I’m out.

Ryan:  I’d probably win most games with those three so ill go outside of hockey for the last two spaces, ill take Jason Statham as the enforcer and then ill need someone to wind up the opposition so either Stewie Griffin from Family Guy or Shoresy from Letterkenny. I’ll go Shoresy.

Synchro:  I know very little about Ice Hockey so ill just say that sounds like a good team. Do you want to take this opportunity to plug your TikTok travel channel?

Ryan:  That’s OK

Synchro:  How many videos have you got on there now?

Ryan: Just the one but it’s got like 800 views.

Synchro:  Big numbers. So as TikTok’s top travel expert what is the best place you have ever been?

Ryan:  Ah that’s tough, I’m not sure I can pick just one as they are all so different.

Synchro:  OK then ill rephrase the question, if time to get there and cost wasn’t an issue and you could repeat one of your trips next week, which holiday would you repeat?

Ryan:  Ah in that case probably Bali.

Synchro:  Same itinerary, same people?

Ryan:  Haha, no comment.

Synchro:  Well dodged. What’s next up for the travel vlog? And are there any other places on your list of where to go.

Ryan:  I am off to Vegas later this summer and I would love to do Canada and Australia.

Synchro:  I’m surprised you’ve never been to Canada.

Ryan: Yeah, a lot of people say that, it’s because of the ice hockey it’s just assumed I would have been there.

Synchro:  I mean it would make sense, I’ve been to all three of those and would recommend them all and I look forward to the TikTok videos.

Ryan:  Yeah if any companies out there want to sponsor me.

Synchro:  I’m not sure they’d be that bothered about your 800 views and 28 followers. Would you rather be in jail for 5 years or in a coma for a decade?

Ryan:  Id take jail for 5 years.

Synchro:  I’m not sure you’d thrive in prison.

Ryan: Maybe not but id rather lose the 5 years than the 10.

Synchro:  Fair enough, what if it was the same amount of time?

Ryan:  I’d probably still go to jail; you’d still be able to know what was going on in the world and I could just go to the gym and stay out of the way.

Synchro: That’s a fair enough reason, would you rather lose your sight or your memories?

Ryan:  Probably my sight, I don’t think I’d like to lose my memories.

Synchro:  Someone could always tell you about your memories.

Ryan: Yeah but it just wouldn’t be the same.

Synchro:  You could always rewatch your TikTok video and remember how good a time you had in Bali.

Ryan:  Not everything has been videoed though.

Synchro: Touche. Would you rather have a personal cleaner or a personal chef?

Ryan: I’d go for the cleaner, I’m actually not a bad chef.

Synchro: Interesting, what’s your go to meal?

Ryan: I’m pretty good at Mexican food, like enchiladas and things like that.

Synchro:  Are you pretty good at Mexican food or is Old El Paso giving you a helping hand.

Ryan:  No I’m making it all.

Synchro:  So if you’ve got someone coming round that you want to impress what’s on the menu.

Ryan:  Do you know what I make a really good breakfast, full English the works.

Synchro:  Oo confident, or are we talking breakfast for dinner?

Ryan: I definitely didn’t mean it like that but I’m not opposed to a bit of brinner at all. I get the air fryer out and get it all cooked up just right.

Synchro:  Of course you have an air fryer.

Ryan:  Can I ask what your go to meal is?

Synchro: Sure thing, flipping the interview on its head, I like it, I make a very strong chili con carne, keep it simple but smash it every time. 

Ryan: Doesn’t everyone think they make a good chili.

Synchro: Pretty much. What would you call this article?

Ryan: I really don’t know, what would you name it?

Synchro:  I mean that’s not how this is supposed to work but I would either go “Ice Ice Baby” or “The Mighty Duck”.

Ryan:  Haha, let’s go with “The Mighty Duck”.

Synchro:  Grrrreat Stuff. Well thanks for taking the time to indulge me, I know you were a little worried about doing this, but it wasn’t too bad was it.

Ryan: No, but it definitely could have been worse.

Synchro: That is what I aim for, cheers Ryan.

Ryan: Cheers.

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