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Mitch Being Mitch

Getting to know Mitchell Palmer

Mitchell: Good Morning,

Synchro: Morning Mitchell, I must admit I’ve been looking forward to this.

Mitchell: Really, I’m not really feeling very funny today.

Synchro: Well, this is a strong start. How was the wedding you went to yesterday?

Mitchell: Yeah, it was decent mate, it felt like a bit of a networking event for me, I had to find out who everyone was and remember all the names.

Synchro: Get lots of ideas for your big day?

Mitchell: What do you mean?

Synchro: When you went to the wedding, did it give you any ideas or inspiration for your upcoming wedding?

Mitchell: Honestly, I don’t really think about it, I definitely need a big dance floor that’s for sure. By the end of the wedding yesterday everyone knew who I was.

Synchro: Made a good impression then?

Mitchell: I think I did, yeah, lots of weird shapes being thrown.

Synchro: I’ve seen you at Synchro sponsored functions, I’ve seen these shapes. What is your deepest fear?

Mitchell: Okay, yeah, so this has taken a deep dive, umm.

Synchro: That is how this works

Mitchell: I know yeah, you’ve really caught me off guard, um.. deepest fear.. I don’t have a quick answer for that may need to delve into the depths of my mind to find this.

Synchro: Take your time, I’ve got all day.

Mitchell: Okay, Deepest fear…

Synchro: I’m not going to move on until you give me some form of answer.

Mitchell: Being alone is pretty scary. I’d say.

Synchro: Being alone, like being alone with your thoughts?

Mitchell: Yeah God, what a terrible place to be we don’t want to be there.

Synchro: I thought you were going to say going bald.

Mitchell: Well, that’s a close number two.

Synchro: Have you got a plan in place to deal with it long term or are you just going to keep combing it forward?

Mitchell: I’m thinking Turkey is the only real option.

Synchro: So not like hats or anything just straight to full on surgery.

Mitchell: Yeah, but hats are more of an accessory piece really, you cant rock up at a formal occasion wearing a snapback.

Synchro: But you could rock a fedora.

Mitchell: Or one of those bowler hats, I could take it one step further and have the moustache as well.

Synchro: I’m not sure that would be the smartest move, without the hat that might be considered a questionable look.

Mitchell: Have you ever seen the Spongebob movie?

Synchro: I could not be more worried about where this is going.

Mitchell: There’s a scene in it where King Neptune uses a crown to cover up his baldness. That could be me.

Synchro: You’re going to just wear a crown? Is Spongebob your go to cartoon?

Mitchell: In a way yeah.

Synchro: In what way?

Mitchell: I don’t watch it anymore, but I think its one of those things that gets funnier as you get older, like you appreciate how funny it is as you get older.

Synchro: Is that your plan for the weekend then, binge watching Spongebob.

Mitchell: That would be a look, but I’ve got a busy weekend this weekend.

Synchro: What’s on the agenda?

Mitchell: I’m going to Creamfields.

Synchro: That is going to really date when we had this conversation. Would you rather go to a music festival with the boys or go for a romantic weekend away with the future wife?

Mitchell: Oh, music festival with the boys, easy. Don’t even have to think about that, nah i'm joking, that’s a tough one it’d depend on which music festival and which location the getaway was to. I’d suck up a few raves to go to Santorini with my partner.

Synchro: You can choose the location for the getaway, but you can also choose the festival and the line-up.

Mitchell: Oh, so I get a choice on both, let me consult the wife on that one.

Synchro: So essentially your answer is I will ask her.

Mitchell: Yes.

Synchro: Okay then. If you could only wear one for the rest of your life would you wear trousers or shorts?

Mitchell: Shorts.

Synchro: You’re not concerned about winter or formal events?

Mitchell: I don’t care about the weather, I don’t care if it’s snowing, I don’t care if it’s hurricane Susan, I’m wearing shorts.

Synchro: I guess you have always found it difficult to find trousers that fit, it would eliminate that problem.

Mitchell: Do you know what, I bought a cracking pair of Craghoppers at the weekend.

Synchro: You’re going to have to tell me what Craghoppers are.

Mitchell: Walking brand mate, they can unzip from trousers to shorts so I’ve actually got both.

Synchro: You’ve got zip off trousers?

Mitchell: Yes. I bought some Gore-Tex shoes as well so I am ready for any weather.

Synchro: Even Hurricane Susan. You quite like a brand don’t you?

Mitchell: It depends on the item of clothing. I think a t-shirt has to be branded because that’s what people are looking at, I don’t think people care where your trousers are from.

Synchro: Just as long as they cover your ankles, so you’re not spending a small fortune on a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans?

Mitchell: No that’s not for me, I’m ok with my trousers being from Primark to be honest.

Synchro: Where do you stand on jeans?

Mitchell: Technically I stand in them, not on them.

Synchro: Very good.

Mitchell: I can’t be doing with skinny jeans, its like they are painted on.

Synchro: Isn’t that a generational thing though?

Mitchell: It’s a 2019 thing and its time to move on guys.

Synchro: I feel attacked, are you a dog person or a cat person?

Mitchell: Oh dog, easily. I do like cats, but dogs are just more interactive.

Synchro: What’s your perfect sundae?

Mitchell: It would definitely involve a big session at the gym followed by having absolutely nothing to do so I can just lie there.

Synchro: I meant like an ice cream sundae with like strawberries and stuff.

Mitchell: No you didn’t, your just making this up on the fly.

Synchro: Again, that is how this works. What is your perfect Sundae then?

Mitchell: Umm probably a brownie.

Synchro: With vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, what we saying?

Mitchell: Probably just a brownie, I’m not really a sundae guy.

Synchro: Fair enough, what are you coupling with the brownie? Custard, Cream or Ice Cream?

Mitchell: Is it cheeky to ask for all three?

Synchro: You can do whatever you want this is in no way a real scenario. You mentioned the gym before we got sidetracked by brownies, what is on your gym playlist?

Mitchell: House, tech house, techno house, disco house

Synchro: Semi-detached house

Mitchell: Any kind of house really, I’m not listening to drum and base in the gym and I am definitely not listening to country.

Synchro: That felt targeted and to be fair I don’t listen to it in the gym.

Mitchell: What do you listen to in the gym?

Synchro: I don’t really go to the gym anymore but when I am out running I tend to listen to more alt rock sort of bands like Linkin Park, basically montage music.

Mitchell: Oh like the you wouldn’t steal a car kind of music. Transformers music.

Synchro: Pretty much yeah. Who would be your dream group for a gym session, you can have 4 people from any time period, fictional or non-fictional.

Mitchell: I’ll take prime Arnold, Sharon from One Stop, Nate Shelley from Ted Lasso and I’ll be the 4th.

Synchro: Sounds like a lovely day out. What’s the best thing you’ve bought this year?

Mitchell: Ooh, um… best thing I’ve bought this year?... hmmm… oh Lego Jeep.

Synchro: Wait a second, what happened there? Did you just get that answer from someone else?

Mitchell: I was just asking my girlfriend.

Synchro: Wow you really do have to check things with her don’t you. It’s nice that you’ve brought her a long for the chat. Hello if she can hear me.

Mitchell: She says hello.

Synchro: Some of your earlier answers make a lot more sense now. Tell me more about this Lego Jeep.

Mitchell: We built it together when we were starting off.

Synchro: Well isn’t that just the cutest. What’s your perfect date?

Mitchell: I like to do something I haven’t done before, building Lego was pretty cool, I feel like saying mini golf but is that a cliché.

Synchro: depends on the mini golf course are you talking crazy golf or mini golf?

Mitchell: What’s the difference?

Synchro: Whether or not there is a windmill I believe.

Mitchell: I don’t know anything about golf, it always confuses me when Rich talks about his tee times.

Synchro: Did you know Legoland is launching a mini golf course soon so your sorted for your honeymoon.

Mitchell: That does sound up my street.

Synchro: What is your guilty pleasure?

Mitchell: Space Raiders, I’ve been known to eat like 5 or 6 packs a day.

Synchro: That’s not OK and I reckon that’s a good place to leave it. I’ll let you and the future wife get back to your days. Thanks for your time.

Mitchell: Mitchell has exited the chat.

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