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Beef and Balls with Rich

Getting to know Rich Blackmore

Rich:  Morning

Synchro:  Rich, you’re 10 minutes early, is that a bit keen?

Rich:  I’ll be honest, i’ve managed to lock myself out of my house and am currently sat in my porch waiting to be let back in, can we do this call now?

Synchro: Of course, sounds like a productive use of your time. Is getting locked out a common occurrence for you?

Rich:  Believe it or not, this is the first time ever.

Synchro:  Well I’m pleased to be your first and at least you didn’t have an important call scheduled or anything.  You’ll be delighted to know I haven’t prepared for this call at all so let’s just dive in and see what happens.

Rich:  Sounds good to me

Synchro:  I should start by congratulating you on becoming a dad, how’s the tiredness coming along?

Rich:  Thank you, surprisingly not that tired, he’s actually been doing pretty well the last few nights so I feel ok at the moment, but I guess I just need to enjoy it while it lasts. It will probably all change by the sounds of what everyone keeps telling me.

Synchro:  I can vouch for that, how are you finding being a dad?

Rich:  Amazing, I’ve always dreamed about being a dad, and yeah, everything’s just amazing, he’s brilliant. Seeing how natural a mother Aimee is, is lovely to see as well. I keep having pinch me moments just looking at him.

Synchro:  And you’ve had all that practice managing Mitch.

Rich: Very true.

Synchro: How’s the golf going now you’re a dad, still getting out onto the course?

Rich:  Obviously didn’t play much the first week or two after he was born but me and Aimee are both making sure we still get time on our hobbies, Aimee has her horses and I get a few rounds in.

Synchro:  Makes sense, what’s better, your long game or your short game?

Rich:  Long game.

Synchro: If you were playing a golf shot for your life, would you rather drive for over 300 yards or putt from 4 yards?

Rich:   I'd go for the putt from 4 yards, although I back my long game 300 yards might be too far. On a good day with the wind behind me I could be hitting 300, but with my life on the line I’d take on the 4 yard put.

Synchro:  Makes sense. Away from the golf course, you have a reputation in the office as a bit of a foody and our resident grill expert but what is the best thing you have ever cooked on a BBQ?

Rich: Best thing I’ve ever cooked on a BBQ? Ummm… just a good old steak, I think. I love doing a pork shoulder, ribs, brisket and burgers all that sort of stuff, I like to go to a nice butcher and get a full on, like proper prime ribeye on the bone, big £30 cut of beef cooked up nice on the barbeque.

Synchro:  What sides and marinades are you putting on with that?

Rich:  Ooof, marinades – bit of a rub to keep it simple, bit of salt and black pepper but nothing too dramatic, then sides got to be onion rings, mushrooms, chips and maybe some homemade coleslaw.

Synchro:  It’s a good job we are doing this chat after lunch, that all sounds delightful.

Rich:  I’ve prepped some chicken thighs in a jerk marinade this morning, so I’ll be cooking them up tonight.

Synchro:  It’s not really BBQ weather tonight

Rich:  Oh no, I’ve barbequed in the snow mate, rain, wind bring it on, for me it’s not just about sitting outside with friends having a BBQ, I will often just cook dinner on it for the evening. I’ve even been known to cook breakfast on it.

Synchro:  Are we talking gas or coal?

Rich: Charcoal all the way. Gas isn’t a BBQ, it’s an outdoor grill.

Synchro:  I couldn’t agree more. If you were hosting a fantasy BBQ, we know the menu, but who would you invite. You can invite any 3 people, from any walk of life, any time in history and they can be real of fictional.

Rich: Ooo that is a really good question. Can I have a bit of time to think about that one?

Synchro:  Of course. If every time you hear a song you either have to sing along or dance along, what would you choose?

Rich: Wow that’s quite a tangent we have gone on.

Synchro:  You know it

Rich: I’d definitely dance

Synchro:  You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind. Do you not think that would have the potential to be incredibly inappropriate at times

Rich: Oh definitely but then so would singing, and you haven’t seen my dancing

Synchro: It’s a real shame this isn’t being filmed, maybe next time. Would you rather always be overdressed or always be underdressed.

Rich: Always overdressed. It’s definitely better to be overdressed than underdressed, I’d much rather be wearing a suit when everyone else is smart casual than wearing pyjamas.

Synchro:  I agree, although you would be more comfortable in your PJs than a 3 piece suit. How are you getting on with your 3 BBQ guests?

Rich: Number one has got to be Tiger Woods, being as into golf as I am he’s always been a hero of mine. I’d then have Liam Gallagher, I think the stories he could tell would just be really entertaining and finally because I can have a fictional character I will go Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Synchro: Wow that could be chaos.

Rich: Yeah I think it would be a good night, really entertaining at least. It would be interesting to see how the three of them get on.

Synchro:  You’d have a few stories to tell from that one and speaking of stories to tell what do you think I should call this article?

Rich: How about Beef and Balls?

Synchro: I’m not sure that will get signed off but why not. I hope you get back into your house soon. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us.

Rich:  Haha, me too and no worries have a good day.

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