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The View from the Cheap Seats

Getting to Know Brett Griffin

Synchro: Good Morning Brett.

Brett: Morning, sorry my cameras not working this morning, I’ve only just got the microphone to start working and now the cameras stopped.

Synchro: Sounds problematic, you might want to get that looked at.

Brett: I have a call after this as well that I could do with the camera for.

Synchro: That’s hardly ideal, what was your go to starter Pokémon?

Brett: Oh I typically went for… ohh I’ve forgotten the name of it… Squirtle. I’d go for the red one occasionally as well, would bounce between the two.

Synchro: Never Bulbasaur then?

Brett: Nahh, I think Squirtle was the one. Hang on this isn’t working let me switch to my phone… Can you see me now.

Synchro: Ah much better. What’s your McDonalds order?

Brett: Depending on the day either a Quarter Pounder or the Chicken Selects.

Synchro: You’re not very loyal are you.

Brett: Well it depends, sometimes you want beef sometimes you want chicken, what’s yours then?

Synchro: Straight up, large Big Mac meal with a coke and some nuggs for the side and always Charmander.

Brett: Fair enough.

Synchro: You’re an avid Sunday league footballer aren’t you, what position do you play?

Brett: Usually centre half, occasionally right back or centre mid.

Synchro: Are you a ball playing centre half like Lisandro Martinez or an old-school no-nonsense centre half like Lisandro Martinez?

Brett: I like to think I’m a ball playing centre half but people would probably say no nonsense.

Synchro: We talking Puma Kings, Copa Mundial vibes.

Brett: Oh yeah, I’m a Puma Kings guy.

Synchro: So, who would you pick in your fantasy Sunday league defence. You can be one of the players and let’s go with a back four and a goalkeeper, you can have anyone from any point in history, fictional or non-fictional.

Brett: So, I’m competitive so I actually want to go for football players, I want my team to absolutely dominate.

Synchro: Fair enough are you going to play?

Brett: Yeah, I’ll be the token left back.

Synchro: Carry the balls, put the goal nets up that kind of stuff.

Brett: Yeah, every team needs one of them. Id take Schmeichel in goal then I just want a back four that no one would want to play against, just nasty players. Ill go Vidic and Martinez at centre half.

Synchro: Blimey that’s quite strong for Sunday league, you could probably afford a more novelty right back, you know make this a bit more fun.

Brett: I’ll go Monk from Mean Machine at right back.

Synchro: Didn’t he play in goal?

Brett: Yeah, but he went on that one run.

Synchro: This isn’t a team that you would want to rock up and play against on a Sunday morning.

Brett: We wouldn’t lose many games, I would have picked some more fun choices, but I just couldn’t do it, I can’t deal with sharing a pitch with people that are just rubbish.

Synchro: Fair enough, Backstreet Boys or Boyzone?

Brett: Backstreet Boys.

Synchro: NSYNC or Take That?

Brett: Oh, Take That.

Synchro: O-Town or Boyz II Men?

Brett: Boyz II Men.

Synchro: What’s your favourite Boyz II Men song?

Brett: Its probably a bit of a cliché but End of the Road. Theres a lot of good ones but I’ve got to with that.

Synchro: There’s nothing wrong with a cliché

Brett: No, it is a solid choice, I have seen them like 5 times and that one always goes off.

Synchro: You’ve seen Boyz II Men 5 times? Is that the most times you’ve seen any band or artist?

Brett: I think it might be.

Synchro: Does that imply that Boyz II Men are your favourite band?

Brett: Not necessarily, I think its more just that they are more readily available to watch. I’ve seen Eminem a couple of times and Oasis but they don’t play in the midlands as often as Boyz II Men do.

Synchro: Valid point, well made and not at all defensive. As one of the newer members of the Synchro squad, who is your favourite member that’s joined since you did?

Brett: Ooo that’s a good question.

Synchro: Thank you, I try.

Brett: I am going to have to say Clarkey, we shared a meal at the team night out last week and it was a real moment.

Synchro: Wow, I didn’t think you’d answer that but fair enough. How well do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Brett: I actually think I’d do alright because I wouldn’t take risks.

Synchro: That doesn’t sound like you.

Brett: I’d find somewhere secure to just hide out.

Synchro: Go to the Winchester and wait for all of this to blow over?

Brett: Basically yeah, I’d go to like a big Tesco’s and lock the door.

Synchro: I feel like that is the kind of place that would attract a lot of zombie attention though?

Brett: It depends what kind of zombies we are talking about, are they fast or slow.

Synchro: Your choice, I guess. I’ve been to your local big Tesco as well you’d be set for a long time, there’s two levels and everything. Would you rather spend the rest of your life completely alone or surrounded by idiots?

Brett: I think I’d go completely alone.

Synchro: Do you not think you’d get so bored that you’d just want to talk to some idiots?

Brett: I guess so but then id get annoyed with talking to the idiots and want to just go back to being alone.

Synchro: I think I’d have to go with the idiots, id struggle on my tod, especially permanently, I don’t do well in my own company, and I think id get used to idiots, I may even become one of them.

Brett: I mean we are used to it; we sit across from Ryan.

Synchro: Is that why you said alone?

Brett: Nah I’m only joking; you’ve got to love the mighty duck.

Synchro: You really do. What would you call this article?

Brett: The view from the cheap seats.

Synchro: Wow, you answered that quickly, have you been up all night preparing that one?

Brett: It’s the only thing I knew was coming.

Synchro: That’s the idea, thanks for talking to us, have a great day.

Brett: No worries, cheers you to.

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