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How To Level Up Your Tech Career

Our Top Tips for Tech Talent

It's not uncommon to reach a point in your career where you feel stuck or like you are stagnating. You've learned the skills necessary for your current position, but you sense that it's time to progress to the next level. The question is, how do you make that happen? In this article, we'll be sharing some useful tips on how to level up your tech career.

1. Identify your areas of strength & weakness

The first step in progressing your tech career is to identify the skills you currently possess and areas that require improvement. This self-assessment will help you recognise the roles you're qualified for and assist you in determining the ones that you need to hone your skills in. Identify which parts of the tech world interests you and focus on developing your skillset to match that domain.

2. Network and negotiate

Networking is a crucial aspect of progressing your tech career. Attend conferences, meetups, or join communities where you can connect with like-minded professionals within your area of interest. The opportunity to network is critical, particularly when seeking a career change or promotion. Negotiation is another vital component of progression. Always be willing to negotiate for better pay, a better job role or position.

3. Continuously upskill yourself

One of the essential traits of staying relevant and up to date in tech is the ability to learn and adapt to ever evolving trends. Continuously upskilling yourself will keep you current with industry developments and prepare you for future advancements. Tech advancements are so rapid that things can become yesterday’s news today. You must stay ahead in your field.

4. Find a mentor

A mentor can offer guidance and insights based on their experience and learning, assist you in setting genuine career goals and offer that needed motivation to push forward. Most importantly, a mentor represents that model whose guidance will improve your proficiency and career growth in the tech industry.

5. Explore new opportunities

After gaining a certain amount of experience and training, you become comfortable and settle for less, thus limiting your potential for growth and expansion as a tech professional. Always explore new opportunities, freelance or intern in new environments; there is no limit to how much you can develop.


Achieving success in the tech industry doesn't come overnight, but with the right approach and attitude, you can level up your career gradually. Always assess your skills, improve on your strengths and weaknesses, network, continuously upskill yourself, get a mentor, and explore new opportunities. Remember, it's never too late to level up.

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