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What Really Needs to be in your CV?

How to get that interview.

Our top tips on standing out from the crowd and producing a resume that will help you reach your goals and get into that interview. 

Showcase yourself

Gender, race, and religion are redundant on a CV. We are only interested in your ability, skillset, and personality. If your CV did include this information, it’s something we’d remove prior to sending it to a client for review anyway, as our Diversity and Inclusion policies follow a strict anti-discrimination process, where we actively remove bias from the hiring process starting with your resume. Your CV should simply be a showcase of your qualities and why you’d ace the role, and you can trust us to always recruit across diverse personalities, motivators, and behaviour preferences.

Tee us up

If there’s no cover letter included in your application give us a little intro about yourself and your goals, it helps us know from the get-go if you could be suitable for the position and it will help set you apart from others!

Quality over Quantity

It’s all about quality, not quantity. 2 is pages is what we’d expect from most candidates, but if you have 5-10 years’ experience it’s okay to go anywhere up to 4 if it’s all relevant to the position. Tailoring is key, if you had a job as a pot washer in 2004, we probably don’t need to know if you’re applying for a Software development position, but never sell yourself short and miss out on an experience that lends itself to the role, just to try and keep page counts down.

Let yourself shine

People often remove interests and hobbies in a bid to remain professional, but these elements of your CV are one of the things we like the most. It’s key that we get an understanding of who you are from your resume, you’re more than your skills and we want you to be happy in your next role. At Synchro we have a deep understanding of our client’s culture and values, the smallest details will help us know from the get-go if you could be a good fit for the business and ultimately, will feel fulfilled in your position.

‘References available on request'.

Is totally fine to say! It’s no problem if you want to wait to hand out your referees’ contact details until later in the process, just ensure you have them on hand when they’re officially requested as they are a vital element of the hiring process.

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